Hills Bros. Coffee

Single Serve Coffee

 A Better Cup by DesignTM, our new single serve coffee cups, allow you to enjoy the smooth, delicious flavor and aroma of Hills Bros. any time of day.

Hills Bros. 100% Colombian Single Serve

100% Colombian

High altitude, 100% Colombian Arabica beans, medium-roasted to enhance their rich flavor
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Hills Bros. Gourmet Single Serve


Premium blend of 100% Arabica beans for a smooth, full-bodied cup
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Hills Bros. Perfect Balance Single Serve

Perfect Balance

Gives you all the taste you expect from Hills Bros. coffee... but with 50% less caffeine
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Hills Bros. House Blend Single Serve

House Blend

Dark roasted with precision for a taste that’s as smooth as satin
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Hills Bros. Morning Single Serve


Lightly roasted for a pleasant, subtle finish.
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Hills Bros. Hazelnut Single Serve


A wonderful medium roast delivering a coffee that is deep, slightly sweet and nutty.
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Hills Bros. Decaf Single Serve


Gives you all the taste you expect from Hills Bros. coffee...without the caffeine.
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